Office of Promoting Regional Partnership serves as a liaison office to support Kobe University's effort in systematically and comprehensively contributing to the region. It manages "Kobe University Liaison Council to Promote Regional Partnership" which promotes partnerships and joint collaborations with the local community. The Office oversees and promotes the entire university's initiative to develop regional partnerships in accordance with Kobe University's basic regional contribution concept.


  1. Serves as a liaison office to support collaborative activities between the community and Kobe University.
  2. Helps the effort to create a more attractive community.
  3. Promotes collaborative projects between the local government and Kobe University.
  4. Supports the university's systematic effort to work with the community.
  5. Manages "Kobe University Liaison Council to Promote Regional Partnership."

Organizational Structure

Office of Promoting Regional Partnership consists of Professors and Lecturers from Humanities/Human Science, Social Science, Natural Science, Medicine, and the related administrative staff members. This structure enables prompt and smooth establishment of university-wide or inter-faculty/school cooperation.

Contact us

Please contact the address below if you wish to:

  • request cooperation, know more about Kobe University's educational programs and research contents, or
  • send opinions, requests, or inquiries regarding regional partnerships.

Office of Promoting Regional Partnership
Research and Community Exchange Section of Division for Research Management and Cooperation with Local Government of Department for Research Management and External Cooperation

1-1 Rokkodai, Nada-ku, Kobe 653-8501, Japan
Tel: 078-803-5391
Fax: 078-803-5389
E-mail: ksui-chiiki[at]office.kobe-u.ac.jp

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