Adopted on 16 May 2002

Kobe University, in recognition of its particular mission and responsibility to the people of Japan as a national university, as well as its social, historical and regional roles as an institution of higher education, hereby adopts this Kobe University Charter on Education.

1. Educational Philosophy

In order to contribute to the advancement of learning, happiness of humankind, preservation of the global environment and to world peace, Kobe University establishes as its fundamental educational philosophy the provision of education meeting the highest of international standards at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

2. Educational Principle

In order to help students realize their individual goals, become responsible members of society, and develop to their full potential, Kobe University adopts as its basic educational principle the provision of education which emphasizes individuality and diversity while respecting the independence and autonomy of each student.

3. Educational Goals

Based on the above Philosophy and Principle, Kobe University, taking full advantage of the open and cosmopolitan environment in which it is located, will provide education in keeping with the following objectives:

  1. Education of Whole Person: To foster individuals who have high ethical standards, a good balance of intellect, reason and emotion, and rich understanding of culture and humanity.
  2. Education to Promote Originality: To foster individuals capable of passing on traditional thought and methodology from a critical perspective, while at the same time having ability to creatively set and fulfill new goals.
  3. Education to Promote International Awareness: To foster individuals who have an appreciation for diverse values, deep understanding of other cultures and excellent communication skills.
  4. Education to Promote Expertise: To foster individuals who have deep knowledge and ability to fulfill leadership roles in their professional and/or academic fields.

4. Educational Structure

Responsibility for fulfilling the above Educational Philosophy, Principle and Goals will be shared within a university-wide structure.

5. Evaluation

In order to determine the extent to which the above Educational Philosophy, Principle and Goals are being fulfilled, Kobe University will conduct regular assessments and evaluations, and continuously striving for improvement.