The Institute of Promoting Academic Research Programs aims to contribute to the development of fundamental academic research and create a world-class research and education base in Kobe University. The Institute supports advanced research and development, and promotes research and development activities in collaboration with industry and government.

Office of Research Management

Office of Research Management is responsible for creating proposals, surveys, and data collection as part of the University’s practical strategies for supporting research activities.

The office’s activities include supporting applications for “Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research” (KAKENHI), Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST), and Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology (PRESTO), other funding applications, and support and training for younger staff members.

The office also takes initiatives to support Kobe University researchers with the aim of enhancing internationalization in research aspects.

Grant Application Support in English

Kobe University's Tenure Track Program

A tenure track faculty integrates excellent research and educational skills with an international perspective and a rich sense of humanity. It aims to nurture outstanding young scholars who balance these qualities.
Kobe University Tenure-Track Program

Organization for Advanced and Integrated Research (OAIR)

The Organization of Advanced and Integrated Research (OAIR) was established in April of 2016 by integrating three divisions; Organization of Advanced Science and Technology, Integrated Research Center, and Interfaculty Initiative in the Social Sciences. The OAIR aims to realize the university vision "toward an outstanding research university excelling in advanced and integrated research in the humanities and sciences".

Kobe University Integrated Research Center

As well as promoting advanced interdisciplinary research across the University, this Center also facilitates research partnerships through collaboration with research institutes outside Kobe University, other universities, and industry.

eXtrem project: HoLM (Holographic Live Imaging & Manipulation)

The HoLM (Holographic Live Imaging & Manipulation) project started in October 2018 aiming to advance holographic technology to make the four-dimensional optical measurement and manipulation of micro-life events a reality, and to utilize these techniques in a variety of clinical applications. The project was established as the first ‘eXtreme project, Kobe University’s largest flagship project at the OAIR.

Research Facility Center for Science and Technology

This facility provides the fundamental infrastructure necessary for research and education, and supports research and education in the natural sciences.