International students receive a “student” status of residence from the Immigration Bureau which means that they are permitted to stay in Japan on the condition that they undertake study (research) at an education institution such as Kobe University. If an international student does not have an acceptable reason for not attending the university for more than 3 months, their "student" visa will be revoked, and they will be forced to return to their home country. Students who temporarily withdraw will cease to satisfy the conditions for the status of residence during the withdrawal period. Engaging in part-time work while taking leave from an educational institution is also forbidden. Students who withdraw from the university must, therefore, either leave Japan before their period of stay expires or change their status of residence to one which is appropriate for the current purpose of their stay and activity in Japan.

If you need to stay in Japan after withdrawing from the university, please consult the Immigration Bureau in advance with regard to changing your status of residence.