Kobe University Community Network "KU-Net" provides a new environment to connect with each other online. It was created to allow graduates, current students, and staff (including retired staff members) to deepen their ties with the University and each other. This network is not limited by time or location, and we hope that it will support lifelong bonds between Kobe University and its membership. Please register and become a part of KU-Net.

Note: KU-Net is currently only available in the Japanese language.

About KU-Net

For graduates, current students, and staff:

  • Members can search for graduates, current students and staff in our database of registered users.
  • Note: this search function is limited to members of your faculty/division.
  • Members can view announcements from Kobe University.
  • Note for current students: please use the “Uribo Portal” on the University website to see up-to-date announcements about studying and student life at Kobe University.
  • The University periodically sends members an email magazine.
  • Graduates, current students and staff can keep in contact: using the personal mail box function, members can send and receive emails to each other without publicizing their email addresses, and the “in brief” status update function allows members to keep each other updated on their lives.

About email addresses

  • Your email address will be used as your login ID for this site
  • If possible, please register using your PC email address (permanent email address)
  • KU-Net is not currently available for mobile phones.
  • Addresses which contain "kobe-u.ac.jp" cannot be used after you graduate or leave Kobe University.

For graduates and current students only:

  • Current students can use the "OBOG visit" function to apply for meetings with Kobe University alumni who are currently pursuing various careers.

How to register for KU-Net

Please register from the Kobe University Community Network webpage: KU-Net  (Japanese language only).

  • If you are registering for the first time, please select either "Graduate Students" or "Current Students" and fill in the registration form.
  • If you have been issued with a temporary ID and password, select "Registered Users" and fill in your temporary ID and password.

Please note that research scholars and exchange students are not eligible to register for this service.

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