Animals and plants are essential reproducible resources of food and various materials for human survival. The Department of Bioresource Science provides education and research on animals, plants and microorganisms at the genetic, individual, group, species and ecosystem levels. The program contents also include the management and efficient utilization of bioresources, the development of efficient and sustainable food production, and the creation of a safe food supply. Our goal is to develop outstanding bio-specialists who possess advanced specialist knowledge and intellect, and who can play active roles in a variety of fields ranging from food production to new biotechnology. The Department has two divisions, the Division of Animal Science and the Division of Plant Science, focusing respectively on animals and plants.

Animal Science

This program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the various functions and control mechanisms in animals and the safe and effective utilization of animals as a resource.

Plant Science

We provide programs that aim to improve the productivity and quality of plant resources (edible crops, horticultural crops, industrial plants, and trees) through studying their physiological, ecological, and genetic characteristics.

About the Doctoral Program
  1. Students will learn advanced academic research techniques in each specialist field.
  2. As well as improving students’ English academic writing abilities and English debating skills, we make use of our academic agreements with foreign institutions to equip students with the skills to work in an international environment.
  3. Students can gain a broad interdisciplinary perspective through taking a joint class with the five natural sciences graduate schools in Kobe University, Advanced Science and Technology II.
  4. Students who demonstrate particularly outstanding research results can take all the credits necessary to complete this course in just over a year (an early graduation system).

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Doctor of Philosophy,Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Science
  • Subject area
    Animal Science, Plant Science
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Total Intake (AY 2015)


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