Creating a safe and comfortable living space through the symbiosis of architecture and environment

Architecture is one of the most universal fields of learning, concerning the creation of housing and living facilities that are essential for human life. In order to respond to contemporary global problems, it is necessary not only to study the basic fields of architecture (design and planning, structural engineering, and environmental engineering) but to combine these fields in response to spatial design issues. By providing education that is both comprehensive and specialized, the Department of Architecture aims to produce talented individuals who can respond to contemporary architectural challenges.

Structure and Divisions

Spatial Design Division

Comprehensive and practical education and research for the creation of space:
Architectural and Urban Design, Housing and Community Design, Structural Engineering and Design, and Building Management.

Architectural Planning, History and Theory Division

This Division covers the core elements of architectural design and urban planning: History and Theory of Architecture, Theory of Historical Environments, Planning Theory of Built Environments, and Disaster Mitigation in Urban and Architectural Planning.

Structural Engineering Division

Education and research for earthquake resilience, improvement of building materials, and structural systems: Structural Performance Engineering, Structural Control in Dynamics, and Structural Systems Engineering.

Architectural Environmental Engineering Division

This Division deals with the analysis, control and planning of architectural and urban environments: Planning of Acoustic and Lighting Environments, Thermal Environmental Planning, Planning of Urban Environment, and M&E Services.

Disaster Mitigation Planning Division

This Division conducts practical research in order to create systems that can respond accurately, practically and effectively to natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons as well as other emergencies. From 2005 this Division has offered seminars related to regional disaster mitigation in collaboration with the National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster. As well as developing technology that can predict and control disasters and crimes for urban and local communities, we also create support systems to share and visualize this information.

Sustainable Living Environmental Design (SEKISUI HOUSE)

The Sustainable Living Environmental Design Program facilitates practical, interdisciplinary research in the fields of architecture, housing design, interior, and landscape design. The main goal of this program is to pioneer creative methods to build a safe, healthy, and sustainable living environment.

Our education goals (Master’s Program)

The Master’s Program equips students with a more advanced level of knowledge in the core fields of architecture: planning, structure, and environment. We produce individuals with the ability to combine their knowledge in these fields and to arrive at a practical, concrete solution to current issues using spatial design.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Master of Engineering
  • Subject area
  • Duration
    2 years
  • Total Intake (AY 2015)


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