This Program aims to develop the capacity of students to resolve legal problems arising in the field of international cooperation and in the international community. Those who successfully complete this Program will receive a Master of Laws degree. Many graduates go on to work in international organizations or pursue other highly competitive careers. Students in this Program who focus on International Law are provided with state-of-the-art international legal expertise, especially in the most competitive fields such as human rights, environment and trade. Including International Fieldwork and Internships as integral parts of the Program ensure that students are exposed to the practice of international law. The Program for Careers in International Organizations offers a range of support for those who aspire to work in international organizations as legal officers.

An emerging field of international cooperation focuses on building essential legal and institutional infrastructure in the developing countries and countries in transition. Students wishing to contribute to this field focus on Law and Development, using new concepts in international cooperation such as "rule of law," "governance," and "civil society" to study the dynamic process of law and institution change in particular socio-economic settings.

Our program has a dual structure; the Japanese program starts in April and the English program starts in October.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Master of International Studies,
    Master of Laws
  • Subject area
    International Law/
    Law and Development Program
  • Duration
    2 years


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