This Program aims to provide quality basic training in both theory and practice in a broad range of fields including international relations, peace studies, development management, educational development, public health and urban planning. Students who successfully complete the requirements will earn a Master’s Degree in International Studies, and will have gained a sound background in development policy studies, as well as the high level of professional know-how required to be able engage in, and make a significant contribution to, activities for international cooperation.

This Program has close and complementary links with the other GSICS Programs: Development and Economics; International Law/Law and Development; and Politics and Area Studies. These links enable students to cut across the boundaries of conventional academic fields, providing opportunities for them to not only enrich their understanding, but also to develop their own particular interdisciplinary approach.

Our program has a dual structure; the Japanese program starts in April and the English program starts in October.

Focus and Goals

This program was established for students who have a master's degree and would like to conduct more advanced research. Students are expected to meet high research standards and it is hoped they will acquire jobs at institutions such as universities, research institutes, or international organizations.


In the doctoral program, students are required to take Advanced Research (8 credits) and Advanced Research Presentation (2 credits). They must also earn a total of at least 4 credits from the following: Workshop I, Workshop II, Internship, Advanced Overseas Research, and International Organization Management (2 credits each). Students must also receive instruction regarding the writing of their thesis from their academic supervisor.

Study Requirements and Degrees Granted

Students must have first completed a master’s program and hold a master’s degree or the equivalent. Students are required to take a candidacy examination before completing their doctoral thesis. Students who have obtained the status of doctoral candidate and completed their thesis must pass a final examination and have their thesis approved by the GSICS Faculty. The standard course of study is three years. For students of exceptional capability, the duration of study may be shortened.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Doctor of Philosophy,
    Doctor of Philosophy in Economics,
    Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science
  • Subject area
    International Studies Program
  • Duration
    3 years


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