Basic Philosophy

Health sciences are a practical area of study with the goal of contributing to the well-being of humans and improvement of social welfare through education and research in physical and mental health, diseases, and disabilities. The basic philosophy of total healthcare in the Health Sciences Program at the Graduate School of Health Sciences is that the physical and mental health, diseases, and disabilities of individuals or groups need to be understood from all angles in physical, psychological, social, and ethical terms.


With students who have a diverse educational background, well-rounded personalities and high ethics, the Health Sciences program aims to foster:

  1. Researchers with the originality and creativity to establish total healthcare
  2. Advanced medical and healthcare specialists with wide clinical experience, a strong research mindset, leadership, and administrative skills
  3. Academic instructors with clinical skills, research skills, and educational skills
  4. Advanced medical and healthcare specialists who can promote health care internationally through strong communication and multicultural skills

Final Goals

To realize the above philosophy and objectives, the five-year graduate school is organized as an integrated program, and the final goals of the Master’s and Doctoral programs are as follows:
The Master’s program aims to develop practical clinical skills, the ability to analyze emerging problems from many angles, and research skills required to solve problems; thus fostering advanced health care specialists who can work in team medical care, team healthcare, total healthcare and international medicine and healthcare. The Master’s program includes the Family Nursing Specialist Program, which enables effective integration of certification-related education with individual majors.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Master of Science
  • Subject area
    Nursing, Biophysics,
    Rehabilitation Science,
    Community Health Science,
    International Health
  • Duration
    2 years
  • Total Intake (AY 2015)


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