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Academic Calendar

  • Updated on March 1, 2018


The academic year begins on April 1st and ends on March 31st of the following year. It is divided into two semesters and four quarters.

Holidays: weekends and public holidays.


 Lesson period of 1st quarter 

(Examination period of 1st quarter)

 Lesson period of 2nd quarter

(Examination period of 2nd quarter) 

 Lesson period of 3rd quarter

(Examination period of 3rd quarter)

Lesson period of 4th quarter

(Examination period of 4th quarter)

 12th April - 11th June

(4th June - 10th June)

 14th June - 11th August

(4th August - 10th August)

 1st October - 1st December

(24th November - 30th November)

2nd December - 10th February

(3rd Feburary - 9th February)

  ※ 11th June (Fri): Spare day

  ※ 19th July (Mon): substitute day for Thursday

  ※ 20th July (Tue): substitute day for Friday

  ※ 9th August (Mon) : School day

  ※ 11th August (Wed): Spare day


   ※ 5th November (Fri): substitute day for Wednesday

 ※ 22nd November (Mon): Spare day

   ※ 1st December (Wed): Spare day

 ※ Vacation:28th December(Tue) - 6th January(Thu)

 ※ 10th February (Thu): Spare day

 ※Course schedule vary by the department