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Message from the President

  • Updated on April 1, 2019


TAKEDA Hiroshi President

Welcome to Kobe University. I have been proud to take on the role of University President for the past four years, and I am honored to have been reappointed for a second term of two years from April 1, 2019.

When I was first appointed University President in April 2015, I drew up a new vision of “an outstanding research university excelling in advanced and integrated research in the humanities and sciences”, and set the ambitious targets of “top five in Japan, top 100 in the world”. Thanks to the efforts of all University members, the number of research papers published and industry-academia collaborations have increased significantly. In the next two years I will continue to give my all to preserve Kobe University’s place competing with the world’s top universities.

At Kobe University we encourage internationally-focused, innovative research and education in collaboration with other universities, research institutes, and industry in Japan and abroad. In the Faculty of Global Human Sciences, all students take part in overseas study and fieldwork, learning about global issues through first-hand experience. We provide English-taught programs and degrees across diverse disciplines to make our academic programs more accessible to people from around the world. With progressive and outward-looking initiatives, we aim to provide solutions to the challenges facing our changing global society.

I extend a warm invitation to all students, researchers, and organizations both in Japan and overseas who are interested in studying at or collaborating with Kobe University.

TAKEDA Hiroshi