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Orientation for New International Students (Fall 2020)

  • Updated on September 18, 2020


Orientation for International Students

Please watch the orientation video, download and read the handouts before your enrollment. 

【Orientation Video】

2020年度後期 全学留学生オリエンテーション(日本語Japanese)

Orientation for New International Students Fall 2020(English)

2020秋季学期 新留学生入学说明会(简体中文Chinese)


【Handouts for International Students' Orientation】

1.Guide book for International StudentsJapanese / English / Chinese / Korean

2.Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS)

  The pamphlet / The guide 【Important】About PAS Insurance Premiums

3.Comprehensive Insurance for Students’ Lives Coupled with PAS For International Students

 The pamphlet

 【Important】For international students entering Kobe University after October 2020

4.Advising and counseling services for international students

5.Disaster prevention information

6.Library Guides

7.Guidance on Security Export Control(English / Chinese

 What is "Security Export Control"?

8.Recycling Rules(Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Vietnamese / Spanish / Portuguese

9.Medical Check-up


Japanese Classes

1.Japanese Classes Leaflet

2.Timetable: Intergrated Japanese Language classes

3.Timetable: Japanese Language and Japanese Studies classes




Guidance for Degree-seeking Undergraduate Students/ Guidance for Graduate Students

【Guidance for Degree-seeking Undergraduate Students (*excluding exchange students)

This is held in April only.


【Guidance for Graduate Students (*excluding exchange students)

(Updated on September 2)This will be held online via Zoom.

Date&Time: October 7(Wed), 2020 

                    Japanese Session 17:00-18:00 (JST)

                    English Session 18:10-19:10 (JST)

Application: Please check with your department's office.


"Hiragana" Guidance

(Updated on September 2)This will not be held this semester.