Figure 1 Sample locations

(a) Chiba section, Osaka Bay, North Pacific mid-latitude point (U1313).
(b)(c) show the Chiba section location.
(d) Location of core TB2 near the Chiba section along the Yoro River

Figure 2 Records of climate and environment between 790 and 750 thousand years ago in three areas

(a) Osaka Bay, (b, c) Chiba section, (d) North Pacific data. (e) shows the ice volume variations predicted from amount of solar radiation. MBB shows the geomagnetic reversal point (Matuyama-Brunhes Boundary). After geomagnetic reversal, in all three areas the same sea-level rise and climate warming event occurs 8 times (A-H). Around events G and H, Osaka Bay and surface water in the North Pacific shows the highest temperature rise.

Figure 3 Close-up of events A,B and G,H

(a) Biogenic content on surface water (above) and anaerobic environment on the seabed (below). α and ε show the iceberg drift event in the North Pacific. Both arrows indicate the climate warming comprising four 200-year cycles. (b) is the data showing the Bond event in the Holocene Epoch. It resembles the climate warming at B, G, and H, but the Bond event is interpreted differently, as a climate cooling period.

Journal information
Millennial-scale northern Hemisphere Atlantic-Pacific climate teleconnections in the earliest Middle Pleistocene
doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-10552-2

Masayuki Hyodo, Balázs Bradák, Makoto Okada, Shigehiro Katoh, Ikuko Kitaba, David L. Dettman, Hiroki Hayashi, Koyo Kumazawa, Kotaro Hirose, Osamu Kazaoka, Kizuku Shikoku

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