Visit from the Consulate of Switzerland

  • September 15, 2022
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  • Keywords: International relations


On August 31, Dr. Felix Moesner, Consul & Head of the Consulate of Switzerland in Osaka, paid a visit to President FUJISAWA Masato.

Their meeting was also attended by the following people: KOTANI Minami (Academic Relations Coordinator of the Consulate of Switzerland), Kobe University’s Executive Vice President NAKAMURA Tamotsu (Director of the Institute for Promoting International Partnerships), MATSUYAMA Hideto (Executive Assistant/Vice Director of the Institute for Promoting International Partnerships),YOSHIDA Ken-ichi (Executive Director of the Europe & Africa Division/Professor of the Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation) and IMURA Takashi (Director of the International Department).

Dr. Felix Moesner explained about Switzerland’s current efforts in providing support programs for start-ups. The Kobe University side then introduced our institution’s strengths as well as our academic and research collaborations with Swiss universities. This led to a discussion on how to expand academic exchange between Switzerland and Japan.

After the meeting, Dr. Felix Moesner visited the Center for Membrane and Film Technology, which is the first large scale faculty-driven membrane center in Japan. The Center’s Director MATSUYAMA Hideto (who is also Vice Director of the Institute for Promoting International Partnerships) gave explanations about the membrane production process and introduced the Water Treatment Membrane Division.

It is hoped that this visit will strengthen our cooperation with the Consulate of Switzerland, and build upon our science and technology collaborations and academic exchange with this European country.

(International Affairs Planning Division)