Three Belgian Universities visit Kobe

  • December 23, 2022
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  • Keywords: International relations


On December 8 and 9, the University of Liège, Université Saint-Louis and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) visited Kobe University. These visits were made possible because the three universities joined the Belgian Economic Mission led by Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium.


< University of Liège >

Date of visit:December 8

The delegation from the University of Liège met with President FUJISAWA Masato after exchanging remarks with our Enterprise Partnerships Division, Bio Production Engineering Lab, and the Graduate School of Law.

From left to right: IMURA Takashi (Director of the International Department)
YOSHIDA Ken-ichi (Executive Director of the Europe & Africa Division/Professor of the Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation)
NAKAMURA Tamotsu (Director of the Institute for Promoting International Partnerships)
FUJISAWA Masato (President of Kobe University), and Anne-Sophie Nyssen (Rector of the University of Liège)


< Université Saint-Louis >

Date of visit:December 9

International office staff from the Université Saint-Louis exchanged remarks about the aspects such as possible staff exchanges and improved student exchange with international exchange staff from the Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Economics, and the Graduate School of Intercultural studies.

Fourth from the left: Maureen Sibomana (International office staff of the Université Saint-Louis)
Fifth from the left: TAKAHASHI Hiroshi (Dean of the Graduate School of Law, Kobe University)


< Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)>

Date of visit:December 9

In addition to their visit to President Fujisawa, the delegation from VUB made a presentation to our staff and students about their university. In turn, our International Affairs Planning Division explained about the Kobe University Brussels European Centre (KUBEC).

Front row from right: NAKAMURA Tamotsu (Director of the Institute for Promoting International Partnerships)
FUJISAWA Masato (President of Kobe University), Karin Vanderkerken (Vice Rector of VUB)

  At the information session, Professor Vanderkerken (Vice Rector for Internationalization) summarized VUB and its educational research.  Our International Affairs Planning Division gave an overview of KUBEC and its usage. The event was attended by around 30 people, including staff and students.

 Karin Vanderkerken (VUB Vice rector) giving a presentation

Kobe University is the only national university in Japan with a base in Belgium. It is expected that these visits will strengthen our cooperation with these three Belgian universities, and enhance staff and student exchange.

(International Affairs Planning Division)