The philosophy of the Faculty of Agriculture is to contribute to the existence and welfare of mankind by resolving various issues from farm to table with the keywords of “Food, Environment and Human life and health”. Based on this, the Faculty requires the following kind of students with the aim of training them to gain a broad knowledge and deep understanding founded on agricultural sciences, within a comprehensive academic program including natural and social sciences, as well as an international outlook and rich human character. They will be able to contribute to both local and international communities through research and technology development in the areas of stable food supply, environmental protection and creation of new biotech industries and food safety.

Applicants are sought with the following qualities and abilities:

  1. Students with fundamental understanding, expression and other communication skills in Japanese and English.
    [Required competences: knowledge and technique; critical thinking, good judgement and expression]
  2. Students who are able to understand the foundation of natural and social sciences.
    [Required competences: knowledge and technique; critical thinking, good judgement and expression]
  3. Students with a strong interest in the interrelationships between man and nature that are willing to tackle identifying unknown phenomena and developing original technologies.
    [Required competences: critical thinking, good judgement and expression; interest and motivation]
  4. Students who possess a strong desire to participate in local as well as international social activities.
    [Required competences: initiative and cooperativeness; interest and motivation]
  • Applicants should have acquired the following abilities in high school, etc.:
    • Japanese Language: the abilities to comprehensively read texts and to express oneself clearly.
    • Geography and History/Civics: broad and comprehensive knowledge, ability to analyze various social phenomena.
    • Mathematics: the ability to think mathematically, including expression and integration skills.
    • Science: comprehensive understanding of natural science, and logical thinking skills.
    • Foreign Language: the ability to read English, communicate and express oneself.

Basic Policy for the Selection of Students:

To select the students in the line with the Diploma Policy and Curriculum Policy of the Faculty of Agriculture, various factors are assessed as follows.

  • In the General entrance examination, knowledge and technique; and critical thinking, good judgement and expression are checked.
  • In the “Kokorozashi” special entrance examination, the following factors are checked: interest and motivation; critical thinking, good judgement and expression; knowledge and technique; and initiative and cooperativeness.
  • In the Special entrance examination for privately funded international students, knowledge and technique; critical thinking, good judgement and expression; and interest and motivation are checked.