The ocean provides great benefits to all people. The maritime sciences make up an interdisciplinary academic field that uses a scientific approach to help resolve problems of transport, information, energy, environment and others that pertain to human activities at sea and on maritime vessels. The Faculty of Maritime Sciences offers an educational program that distinguishes itself for its originality in integrating natural sciences and social sciences at an advanced level and seeks students with the following aptitudes in order to train them to work in the international arena with a broad range of cultural and academic refinement, as well as a deep understanding of the sea, maritime vessels, energy and the environment.

The ideal students that the Faculty of Maritime Sciences hopes to accept

  1. Students who have a strong desire to be involved in the sea and sea vessels along with a curiosity in a wide range of areas.
  2. Students who wish to explore new areas in energy, environment, etc. while acquire skills to identify and resolve problems.
  3. Students who have a strong drive to work actively in the international community in areas related to the sea and sea vessels.
  4. Students who possess fundamental academic aptitude and the desire to upgrade their skills in science and language (English), as well as communication skills based on language and science skills.