Recruiting Program: Both Undergraduate and Graduate

Degree AwardedNone
Foreign Students Examination-
Admission Capacity (AY 2022)[Undergraduate] a few
[Graduate] a few
Applicants (AY 2021)[Undergraduate] 0
[Graduate] 2
Successful Candidates (AY 2021)[Undergraduate] 0
[Graduate] 2
Distribution of Application FormsAnytime on request
How to Obtain Application Guideline/Forms
  • Obtain at the faculty office for free
  • Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (24×33.2cm) to the faculty. Please contact the faculty office for details.
  • Please refer to the graduate school website .
  • To request from abroad, please contact the faculty office.
Availability of Past ExaminationNot Available
Japanese Language RequirementSufficient for understanding lectures and related documents
Entry (AY 2022)April, October
Pre-Evaluation for Eligibility*-
Starting Date of Application[April Entry] Feb. 14, 2022
(Non-Resident of Japan: from Nov. 8, 2021)
[October Entry] Aug. 2, 2022
(Non-Resident of Japan: from May 9, 2022)
Deadline of Application[April Entry] Feb. 18, 2022
(Non-Resident of Japan: by Nov. 19, 2021)
[October Entry] Aug. 6, 2022
(Non-Resident of Japan: by May 20, 2022)
Date of Examination-
Date of Result-
Pre-Arrival AdmissionNot available
Application from outside JapanAvailable
Visiting Japan for Entrance ExamNot Necessary
Kobe Univ. Entrance Examination Subjects

Application Document Screening

  • Research Plan written by the applicant.

*Required to obtain an approval from the professor/supervisor in advance.

EJU Requested SubjectsNot required to take EJU
Language in EJU-
Refered EJU-
English ExaminationNone
OthersRequired following: application form, resume, health certificate, graduation (completion) certificate, degree certificate, transcript, photos of the applicant, and Certificate of Residence.

*Pre-Evaluation for Eligibility is a screening to confirm that you are qualified to apply prior to submitting a formal application for admission.
For details, please make sure to refer to the Application Guideline/Forms.

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