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  • Updated on January 4, 2023


Kobe University Residential Facilities

The university dormitories were built for current and new international students (including matriculates) of Kobe University. Recruitment is generally announced in January and July, but only on vacancy basis.

Information for new residents from October, 2023

Number of Rooms Available
Single: approx. a few rooms in total
  Married couple: approx. 9 rooms in total
  Family: approx. 2 room in total

*Please submit the application to Academic/Student Affairs Section of
  your Faculty/Graduate School.

  Application Guidelines

  Application Form


More information

Private Dormitories and Residences

The dormitories and residences managed by private organizations for current international students of Kobe University. Applications can be submitted through Kobe University.

Private Housing

Information about renting private housing  

Public Housing

Houses owned by Hyogo Prefecture or Kobe City. The number of rooms available for international students is limited. Application should be submitted to Hyogo Prefecture or Kobe City individually.

Rental Guarantor System at Kobe University

In Japan, a guarantor is usually required when renting private housing. Kobe University does not serve as an institutional guarantor for housing lease agreements. If a guarantor us required for a lease contract, students must use a private guarantor company (as specified by the real estate agencies, etc.)
The existing guarantor contracts under the current Rental Guarantor System at Kobe University will be continued throughout the remaining lease contract period or until graduation, as long as the contract is not changed.

Please refer to this document:  Rental Guarantor System at Kobe University

When moving out

The steps to take when moving out.