At a glance

  • 676 Undergraduates enrolled
  • 320 Graduates enrolled
  • 45 International students enrolled
  • 83 Faculty members

The Faculty of Agriculture has its own and important objectives in providing students with basic and applied education of agricultural science related to "Food, Environment and Health/Life". Major educational fields include science for food production, evaluation and utilization of bioresources and recently focused issues of biotechnology, food safety, and conservation of natural environment.

At present, there are 83 faculty members teaching 676 undergraduate students in the Faculty of Agriculture. The Faculty aims at helping students improve their creative abilities compatible with technological advances in our rapidly changing society.

The Faculty of Agriculture consists of the three Departments listed below. It also has an experimental farm (Food Resources Education and Research Center) in Kasai City, 70 km west of the Rokko-dai Campus. The Center has a 40 ha field and facilities for production of rice, vegetables, orchards, grasses and livestock as well as lodgings for students' practical training. Three other Centers (Center for Regional Partnership, Biosignal Research Center, and Research Center for Food Safety and Security) are in cooperation with the Faculty.


Undergraduate Program

Agricultural Engineering and Socio-Economics

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Food and Environmental Economics

Bioresource Science

  • Animal Science
  • Plant Science


  • Applied Chemistry in Bioscience
  • Environmental Biology


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