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Admission Policy of the Faculty of Letters

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


The Faculty of Letters engages in research and education to stimulate interest in cultures that mankind have developed and to shed light into the depths of human existence from a variety of perspectives. Its educational goal is to build people with deep insight and broad range of knowledge in humanities, through training in developing issues that stimulate the curiosity of each student and examining them from an academic approach.

The Faculty of Letters is seeking these kinds of students:

  1. Students who have a fresh sensibility and creative imagination.
  2. Students who have wide interests and curiosity in languages, culture, human behavior, history and society.
  3. Students who have basic academic skills, especially in reading analytically, thinking logically, and expressing themselves effectively.
  4. Students who are not bound by preconceived values, but who can discover and investigate problems on their own.