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Admission Policy of the Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


In Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine, the main purpose of education is to train students to become doctors who have high ethical standards and advanced knowledge and technique in each specialized field, while we encourage them to see things with a viewpoint of a scientist who possesses unparalleled strong exploratory mind and imagination and who would want to become researchers of life science and medicine.

We believe it important that students should have a broad outlook on the world affairs and would have potential to become leaders in the world stage.

We invite students who are capable of fulfilling these qualifications as follows:

  1. those who are interested in life science/medicine and have strong exploratory mind and strong will to fulfill the purpose,
  2. those who have solid academic backgrounds,
  3. those who are cooperative and are capable of being imaginative and taking leadership in solving problems,
  4. those who want to be successful in the international society.