Study in Kobe

Admission Policy of the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science engages in education and research in the natural sciences and trains students in the academic disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and planetology, by acquiring deep understanding of the mathematical phenomena from various perspectives, the characteristics and behavior of particles, atoms and molecules that make up matter, the behavior of molecules that contribute to life activities, diversity that supports the ecosystem, and the origin and activities of the earth and the universe. This is accomplished through lectures, workshops, experiments and laboratory work. For these reasons, students with the following qualities are admitted.

The qualities of the students that the Faculty of Science hopes to accept:

  1. Students with a strong drive to gain knowledge in a wide range of natural phenomena covered by the fields of mathematics and science, and the ability to observe and think with a critical mind and independent spirit.
  2. Students with an interest and comprehensive understanding of a wide range of fields, including humanities and social sciences.
  3. Students showing excellence in specific areas and possessing outstanding creativity.
  4. Students possessing basic aptitude in Japanese and English and the incentive to upgrade their own expression and communication skills.