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Degree Awarding Policy of the Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


The Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine, Kobe University seeks to cultivate doctors and medical professionals having high ethical standards and highly specialized knowledge and skills, and to nurture doctors and life science researchers to become scientists with a great spirit of inquiry and creativity.

The Faculty also intends to develop individuals with a broad perspective who can play an active role in the international arena as leaders of their respective fields.

In view of these basic objectives, the Faculty awards degrees in line with the following policies.

  • Students shall study at the Faculty of Medicine for the specified period of time, earn the required credits for graduation, and pass the graduation examinations.
  • Students are encouraged to achieve the following academic goals through the curriculum by graduation.
    • To possess broad and advanced knowledge and high ethical standards.
    • To possess the ability to set and fulfill their own targets, in addition to a great sense of inquiry and creativity.
    • To possess the ability to respect diverse values and to play an active role in the international arena.
    • To acquire a wide range of techniques regarding medicine and life science and use these techniques appropriately.