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  • Updated on November 25, 2019


Various Private Scholarships

The following scholarships are available to privately financed students (excluding Foreign Government Scholarship Students). Selection for awards is based on academic record, character, and other factors. Information is posted on the notice board of the Center for International Education and each faculty. Please visit Kobe University website to obtain information on scholarships.

Japanese Government ("Monbukagakusho" ) Scholarship (For those already in Japan)

※Japanese government has announced that they will not accept applications at the moment.

Applications for Japanese Government Scholarships can be made through Japanese embassies and consulates abroad or on the basis of a recommendation by a Japanese university.

Privately-financed students in Japan can also apply in the following way:

Notices posted in all faculties
Application time
Around October to November
Self-financed students with excellent academic records. (excluding students granted other scholarships, including by foreign governments.)

  • Undergraduate students

Students under 26 years old (Medical majors: under 28), who are proceeding to their last academic year.

  • Graduate students

Students under 35 years old, currently on a master's or doctor's course, or those proceeding to these courses in April of the following academic year.

Scholarship Amount (AY 2015)

Undergraduate students
Graduate students Research students
Non-degree students
Master’s course
Doctoral course

* Subject to change. AY: academic year

Extension of Japanese Government Scholarship

If a current recipient of Japanese Government Scholarship is willing to go on to higher education, his/her status may be extended under specific conditions and through proper extension procedures.
Notices posted in all faculties
Application time
October (note: April for those who wish to go on to a more advanced degree that October.)
Japanese Government Scholarship students with excellent academic records who hope to study in a higher level program.
Please note that application conditions vary depending on which program applicants want to go on (research student → master’s/doctoral student, master’s→doctoral student, undergraduate →master’s student, medical undergraduate→doctoral student).

* Selection is highly competitive, so not all applications will be successful.