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Pre-enrollment Scholarships

  • Updated on March 30, 2017


Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT Scholarship)

The Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT Scholarships) are six types: research student, teacher training student, undergraduate student, Japanese studies student, college of technology student and special training college student.
Among these, the following four types are accepted at Kobe University:

  1. Research student
  2. Teacher training student
  3. Undergraduate student
  4. Japanese studies students

For further information, please see the link below.

MEXT Scholars will receive the following scholarship:

1. Monthly Stipend: (As of March 2018)  ¥120,000 
2. Entrance fee, Examination fee and Tuition: Exempt
3. Travel Allowance:  Round-trip air ticket provided

Selected students must first enroll in a Japanese language course at either Tokyo University of Foreign Studies or Osaka University for one year. After completion of the course, students must pass the entrance examination for Kobe University.

Graduate (Research Student, Teacher Training Student included)
1. Monthly Stipend: (As of March 2018)  Teacher Training Student: ¥146,000
Research Student: ¥146,000
Master's course: ¥147,000
Doctoral course: ¥148,000
2. Entrance fee, Examination fee and Tuition: Exempt
3. Travel Allowance: Round-trip air ticket provided


Duration of the Scholarship

(Research Student)

Enrolled in April: 24 months from April
Enrolled in October: 18 months from October

In either case, the duration of the scholarship includes a 6-month 'on request base' Japanese language-training period. This training will be given to students who feel that their Japanese language ability is insufficient.

(Master's and Doctoral Students) Minimum number of years required for completion the course.

Letter of Acceptance

Applicants who passed the preliminary selection examination conducted at Japanese Embassies/Consulates are required to obtain a letter of acceptance from Kobe University. You must contact an academic advisor/supervisor to obtain the letter by the deadline which is find in "APPLICATION GUIDELINES JAPANESE GOVERNMENT (MEXT) SCHOLARSHIP". Kobe University does NOT obtain the letter if you contact after the deadline.

To obtain a letter of acceptance, first find an academic advisor/supervisor, then contact the professor by email, fax, or postal mail to request the letter. 

Necessary documents to be attached:

  • Proof of passing the preliminary selection examination by Japanese embassy/consulate
  • The Form of Letter of Acceptance and Admission from Japanese Embassy/Consulate
  • Copy of all the documents submitted to the Japanese embassy/consulate (Application Form, Study Plan, Transcript) with Japanese embassy/consulate seal

The professor might conduct an interview.

The following website "Directory of Researchers in Kobe University" might be useful in searching for the professor at Kobe University.
"Directory of Researchers in Kobe University"

If unable to reach the professor directly, please contact Kobe University International Exchange Division with the documents mentioned above.

Kobe University International Exchange Division
Email: intl-suishin[at]  * Please change [at] into @
Fax: +81-(78)-803-5289
Email Subject: "Request for Letter of Acceptance"
Please include the name of School of interest, and the name of the Professor.

*If any of the information above is missing in the request, we may not be able to reply to the inquiry.

University Recommendation

With University Recommendation, students can apply to the following two programs:

  1. Research Student (Graduate School Students & Research Students)
  2. Japanese Studies Student (1-year program)

Japanese Studies Student (1-year program)

The Japanese Government offers a scholarship for academic study in Japan to foreign students interested in deepening their understanding of the Japanese language, Japanese affairs and Japanese culture. The purpose of this scholarship is to promote mutual understanding and deepen friendly ties between Japan and other countries through the application of advanced knowledge and culture. Applicants must come from a Kobe University partner university
Please note that the application procedure differs from that of the exchange student program between the two universities.

1. Monthly Stipend (As of March 2018):  ¥120,000 
2. Entrance fee, Examination fee and Tuition:  Exempt
3. Travel Allowance:  Round-trip air ticket provided
4. Application Period: February

The term of scholarship starts from October only. The recruitment will be announced through each faculty in December of the previous year.

For further information, please see the link below. (Japanese only)

Research student
Japanese Studies Student

Accommodation for Japanese Government Scholarship Students

Kobe University has a small number of off-campus residences for international students. MEXT scholars are given priority for entering a residence for the first 6 months (1 year for Japanese Studies Student). The room type is single only, no other room type can be selected. Students who want to stay with your family must look for a room by themselves.

Applicants should be aware that we may not provide rooms to all applicants as the number of international students has been increasing. In case the number of vacant rooms is not enough to accommodate all prospective students, we do offer information for apartmenet flats.