On February 28, a delegation from Dalian University, China, including the secretary of the Party Committee, WANG Jinliang, visited to the president FUJISAWA Masato.

The meeting was attended by WANG Ruoyu (president of the Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Dalian University), ZHONG Qingzhong (secretary of the Party Committee of the Clinical College of Dalian University), and from Kobe University MANIWA Yoshimasa (president of the Kobe University Hospital), ITO Tomoo (director of the International Medical Communication Center) and HANADA Eva (associate professor of the Institute for Promoting International Partnerships).

President Fujisawa began by welcoming the visitors. The secretary of the Party Committee Wang expressed his hope for future academic cooperation between Dalian University and Kobe University. The two universities agreed to deepen their cooperation, especially in the affiliated hospitals that have already signed an academic cooperation MOU and signed an agreement to promote future cooperation between the two universities.

The delegation then visited the Kobe University Hospital and showed great interest in its activities. It is hoped that this visit will enable us to promote cooperation between the two universities.

(Global Engagement Division)