On June 29, 9 students, participating in the Kobe University Campus Asia Plus Program and being dispatched to one-year double degree program at Fudan University in China and four weeks short term study program at National University of Laos (including internship at Ministry of Education and Sports) from this August, visited Professor NAKAMURA Tamotsu, Director of the Institute for the Promotion of International Partnerships.

From the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Associate Professor NISHITANI Makiko (Director of the Executive Committee), Professor OGAWA Keiichi (Deputy Director of the Executive Committee), Assistant Professor NAKAHARA Masato in charge of the CAMPUS Asia Office, Ms. FUJIWARA (Administrative Department Head), and Ms. Osaka (Technical Officer) were also present.

Each student introduced him/ herself in English and showed their expectations to develop their research skills through study abroad at world-leading universities, willingness to exchange with other students through the Program, and interest in cuisine in the dispatched country. Professor NAKAMURA encouraged students with the word “There is no greater power than the power of youth.” He also expressed his wishes for the students to achieve their goals through the Program and to explore their friendship to the world.

The CAMPUS Asia Plus Program has been expanding as a university-wide program. The students who participate in the CAMPUS Asia Plus Program this year are not only from the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies but also from the Graduate School of Business Administration.

(Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies)