The Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation is an interdisciplinary graduate school newly established in April 2016 through collaboration between the areas of natural and social sciences in Kobe University.

At a glance

  • - Undergraduates enrolled
  • 96 Graduates enrolled
  • 3 International students enrolled
  • 27 Faculty members

This graduate school aspires to foster human resources with research and development capabilities in science and technology across multiple fields, as well as the entrepreneurship skills necessary to commercialize the results of their research.

Our curriculum is based on organic collaboration between the natural and social sciences. The four natural science areas (Bioproduction, Advanced Membrane Technology, Advanced Information and Communication Technology, and Advanced Medical Science) are designated as flagship research areas for Kobe University. In the area of Business Administration, Kobe University has been recognized as a center of excellence for achieving outstanding results in education and research. The outlines of each area are as follows:

  1. Bioproduction aims to realize a petroleum-free and recycling-based society through production of biofuel and bio-based chemical products using microbial functions.
  2. Advanced Membrane Technology  aims to support the recycling of resources via the process of saving and generating energy by utilizing membranes for water purification or gas permeation.
  3. Advanced Information and Communication Technology promotes world-class cutting-edge research and development in the fields of computational science, information processing and communication devices, and applied IT technology through collaboration between HPC (high performance computation) and IoT (Internet of Things).
  4. Advanced Medical Science promotes the creation of new medical treatments and diagnostic methods, utilizing the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster and development methods of innovative medical treatments such as iPS cells, computer simulation and basic technology for new vaccine manufacturing.
  5. Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Finance, and IP rights aims to educate human resources who can create competitive businesses in the global market based on the research outcomes of various science and technology domains.

Our curriculum includes many practical subjects. For example, in “Project-Based Learning for Entrepreneurship in Science and Technology” every student draws up a business plan, and in “Industrial Technology Practice” professionals provide education utilizing various pilot plants.

Every area of the natural sciences offers a general introduction in order to give students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge.

Our curriculum equips students with a high level of expertise in their specialist area, an interdisciplinary perspective based on fundamental knowledge of other research areas, and basic knowledge and practical skills in the social sciences essential for enterprise creation.

Master's and Doctoral Program

Biotechnology and Environmental Technology

  • Bioproduction
  • Advanced Membrane Technology

Advanced Information and Communication Technology

  • Advanced Information and Communication Technology

Advanced Medical Science

  • Advanced Medical Science

Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Finance, and IP rights

  • Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Finance, and IP rights


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