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University Information and Disclosure (2019)

Teaching Staff

  1. The number of teaching staff, their affiliations, academic qualifications and achievements

    Teaching staff are listed by their affiliated faculty/school/graduate school, specialty and achievements.

  2. Activities related to Education and Research

    Kobe University Education and Research Activities


The number of newly enrolled students, alumni employment rates and career paths, etc.


 ○Graduate School(Master's program)

 ○Graduate School(Doctral program)

 ○Graduate School(Preofessional degree program)

Curriculum, Standard for Grading System, Criteria for Graduation/Completion of Course

Syllabus (Including the theme of the course, goal, course plan and standard for grading)

Student Support

Support for study, living in Japan, and career

International Activities

Studying in Japan

Useful information about the Japanese economy, free time activities, facilities and dormitories.