Event date: 2023.04.24


Jean Monnet Network European Transoceanic Encounters and Exchanges (ETEE) will host an open conference entitled "Climate Change, Cultural Devastation, and Compensation" on 28 April, 2023.

Date:28 April 2023(Friday)15:10~16:40
Venue: Kobe University Faculty of Law, Conference Room M (Hybrid via Zoom)
Lecturer:Dr. Pierre ANDRÉ (UCLouvain)
Registration:Please contact Prof. Iida (fiida[at]kobe‐u.ac.jp) or administration office
*Pre-registartion is not required if you participate in person.

Inquiries: Interdisciplinary Education Division, Kobe University
     E-mail: stdnt‐gks‐kyoumu[at]office.kobe‐u.ac.jp
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(Interdisciplinary Education Division, Student Affairs Department, Kobe University)