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  • 1,231 Undergraduates enrolled
  • 252 Graduates enrolled
  • 170 International students enrolled
  • 54 Faculty members

The Path to Becoming an Economics Expert

With one of Japan’s largest staff of faculty members offering multiple courses and curricula that meet diverse needs related to economics, the Kobe University Graduate School of Economics awaits your application!

The Shortest Route to a Doctoral Degree: 5-year Doctoral Program

Comprising the Former Period of Doctoral Degree Program (two years) and the Latter Period of Doctoral Degree Program (three years) which follows, 5-year Doctoral Program aims to effectively train researchers. Many graduates of 5-year Doctoral Program have found careers as researchers at universities and research institutes.

Acquiring Practical Knowledge of Economics: 2-year Master's Program and 2-year Program for Working Professionals

2-year Master's Program and 2-year Program for Working Professionals are two-year programs (Former Period of Doctoral Degree Program) to obtain a master’s degree in economics. Classes of 2-year Master's Program are given on weekdays and Saturdays, whereas 2-year Program for Working Professionals only offers classes on Saturdays, in principle, so as to allow students to attend courses without affecting their jobs. Those who successfully complete 2-year Program for Working Professionals and wish to further pursue their research interest may advance to the Latter Period of Doctoral Degree Program. Because classes of the program are also offered only on Saturdays, in principle, students may obtain a doctoral degree by attending courses on weekends only.

Hallmarks of the Kobe University Graduate School of Economics

  1. The school offers multiple courses which cater to students’ specific needs and extensive curricula. 5-year Doctoral Program aims to develop specialists who are capable of conducting research independently, by offering lectures involving systematic learning about cutting-edge economics, seminars for animated discussions in a small-group setting, and faculty advice about writing papers. Students can also experience the leading edge of economics as they present their papers at such occasions as the Rokko Forum. Under 2-year Master's Program and 2-year Program for Working Professionals, the three education programs of the General Research Program and Working Professional Recurrent Education Program are offered, thereby effectively meeting the diverse demands of graduate students.
  2. Excellent learning and research environments are provided. This Graduate School is among the educational and research centers on economics which have been selected for the 21st Century COE Program. Students may use well-equipped research rooms, copie machines and PCs, and the library for their study and research. The Graduate School often sponsors the Rokko Forum and other lecture meetings, where renowned researchers from around the world deliver lectures and graduate students are given many opportunities to present their research papers.
  3. At the Kobe University Graduate School of Economics, as many as seventy specialists in various fields of economics (including the faculty at the Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration) lead a wide spectrum of research activities, including interdisciplinary research, inter-regional collaboration, and international exchange. Joint research and joint classes are arranged with the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies and Graduate School of Business Administration, which are also located at the Rokkodai Campus, and the Graduate School of Economics of Osaka University and Kyoto University. The “network of knowledge” among alumni of this Graduate School now at leading universities and other institutions around the globe will strongly support students in their research studies.

Master's and Doctoral Program


  • Theoretical Analysis
  • Historical Analysis
  • Statics and Economics Analysis
  • Technological and Environmental Analysis
  • Industrial and Social Policy
  • Monetary and Public Policy
  • International Economic Policy
  • Comparative Economic Policy


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