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  • 647 Undergraduates enrolled
  • 189 Graduates enrolled
  • 169 International students enrolled
  • 67 Faculty members

The Faculty of Human Development has merged with the Faculty of Intercultural Studies to form the Faculty of Global Human Sciences. For more information about the Faculty of Global Human Sciences, visit

In the new century characterized by significant globalization of economy, information, and culture, the major issue for human society is cooperation and coexistence of multi-ethnic communities and different cultures. The educational principle of the Faculty of Intercultural Studies is to enhance foreign language ability as well as information processing capabilities and an understanding of intercultural issues.

In line with this, the undergraduate program has a department with 4 divisions, which enables students to study theories and methodologies in the field of culture and society, information and communication, and international and regional studies. Students are encouraged to probe further into these areas through free exchanges of opinions with the teaching staff. One of the distinctive features of the Faculty is that it has concluded academic exchange agreements with many universities overseas. Students have ample opportunities to study abroad to acquire a good understanding of various cultures and communities.

Intercultural Studies

  • Human Communication and Information Science
  • Contemporary Culture and Society
  • Intercultural Communication Studies
  • Area Studies


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