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Admission Policy of the Faculty of Engineering

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


The Faculty of Engineering researches into science and technology for the goal of building a sustainable society in which people are able to find enrichment in safety, security and comfort, while protecting the environment. For this objective, the Faculty seeks students with the following aptitudes, in order to train them to become researchers and technical experts to play creative and innovative roles in the international arena and build society of the future, founded on basic academic knowledge essential for cutting-edge science and technology being studied in the various programs under the Faculty.

The image of the student that the Faculty of Engineering hopes to accept

  1. Student with strong sense of curiosity and inquiring mind.
  2. Student who is able to think freely and critically.
  3. Student who engages actively in international activities.
  4. Student who can contribute to the coexistence and harmony between human society and the environment through science and technology.