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Admission Policy of the Faculty of Law

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


The Faculty of Law is seeking students to acquire a broad-ranging cultural understanding of law and politics, an ability to solve problems at a level in accordance with the demands of the increasing specialization of today's society, and the capacity to contribute to the international community in the field of law and politics in today's rapidly globalizing environment.

The Faculty of Law accepts students with the following qualities:

  1. A common understanding and knowledge specific to social sciences.
  2. An outstanding ability to understand and communicate in the Japanese language and in foreign languages.
  3. An outstanding abilities in logical and scientific thinking.
  4. Enthusiasm for acquiring specialized knowledge in law and political science while making use of the aforementioned abilities.
  5. A desire to work in the international sphere and actively make use of specialized knowledge in law and political science in a broad range of fields.