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Degree Awarding Policy of the School of Business Administration

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


The School of Business Administration, Kobe University fosters individuals who have an enriched humanity, abundant creativity and outstanding international awareness, and can demonstrate intellectual leadership in the industrial world, with a deep knowledge of, and excellent specialized skills in the areas of management, accounting and commerce. The School of Business Administration awards bachelor's degrees in line with the following policies.

  • Students shall study at the School of Business Administration for the specified period of time and earn the required credits for graduation specified by the School.
  • Students are encouraged to acquire the following abilities by completion of the program.
    • Abundant general knowledge and high ethical standards that enable students to understand the true nature of the interdependence between organizations such as companies and their surrounding society and environments.
    • Basic and specialized knowledge in the areas of management, accounting and commerce, which helps the students develop the ability to comprehend and analyze actual conditions and problems, and to make appropriate decisions to resolve these problems in a practical and innovative manner.
    • Expressive power and communication skills to appropriately convey their own ideas regarding management to others, not only within Japan but also overseas.