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Degree Awarding Policy of the Faculty of Law

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


The Faculty of Law, Kobe University aims at providing to its students a wide-ranged culture combined with specialized knowledge in law and in political science, through a systematic curriculum, and in an environment that is both open and internationally minded. In doing so, the Faculty will foster individuals who have the following capabilities:

  1. Problem-solving skills that can meet demands of a highly specialized society.
  2. The ability to contribute to a rapidly globalizing international community in the fields of law and political science.

To achieve these objectives, the Faculty provides specialized education in law and political science that meet the highest international standards, and will award degrees in accordance with the following two policies:

  • Students shall study at the Faculty of Law for a specified period of time, and obtain the credits required for graduation.
  • Students shall endeavour to achieve the following goal by their graduation.

To acquire the ability to resolve social issues as well as to contribute internationally to society, through the use of their specialized knowledge in the fields of law and political science, with a high sense of ethics and of responsibility, as is required in the civil society.