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Degree Awarding Policy of the Faculty of Letters

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


The educational objective of the Faculty of Letters, Kobe University is to foster individuals who can deeply understand the humanities by learning the classics as the accumulation of human cultural activity, and who can implement what they have learned through social dialogue. The Faculty also works to satisfy the interests of individual students and impart the relevant skills to students to set and fulfill their own targets, by ensuring small-group instruction.

To realize the above objectives, the Faculty of Letters awards degrees in line with the following policies:

  • Students of the Faculty of Letters shall earn the required credits (including the graduation thesis). To obtain credit for the graduation thesis, students must submit the thesis by the set deadline and pass the graduation thesis review.
  • Students of the Faculty of Letters are encouraged to achieve the following learning goals by completion of the program.
    • To acquire broad knowledge of, and deep insight into the humanities, through training to pursue and verify their individual interests through their chosen academic themes.
    • To understand the issues and challenges common to various fields in the humanities, by learning the classics as the accumulation of human intellectual activity.
    • To acquire social dialogue skills that will enable communication and collaboration transcending the boundaries of culture, language, and academic discipline.