On December 7, a delegation from Hanbat National University visited Kobe University.  Among them were KIM Yoon-Kee (professor of material sciences and engineering, Hanbat National University), YUN Jae Seug (professor of Japanese, Hanbat National University) and staff in charge of international exchange. They paid a visit to Kobe University’s Executive Vice President NAKAMURA Tamotsu (the director of the Institute for Promoting International Partnerships).

Throughout the meeting, both sides provided an overview of their universities and exchanged information regarding the status of sending and receiving students and collaborative ventures with other universities. Notably, Hanbat National University expressed a desire to foster deeper collaboration, emphasizing joint research in scientific fields, in particular in mechanical engineering and information technology.

It is hoped that this visit will result in further exchange between the two universities in the future.

(Global Engagement Division)