On June 26, Vice President ZHOU Jianghong from Zhejiang University called on Kobe University Vice President TAMAKI Hisashi.

The following people attended the meeting:
CHENG Li (vice dean of the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences), CHU Chiheng (deputy director of the Office of Global Engagement), ZHAO Zhirong (the dean of the School of Public Affairs), and ZHANG Chuyun (partnership coordinator (Asia) at the Office of Global Engagement) from Zhejiang University, as well as MATSUYAMA Hideto (vice president of the Institute for Promoting International Partnerships and the director of the Research Center for Membrane and Film Technology) and HU Yunfang (professor at the Graduate School of Economics and the director of the Beijing Office) from Kobe University.

Tamaki began by welcoming the visitors and gave them an overview of Kobe University. Following this, Zhou provided an overview of Zhejiang University and introduced the activities based on the Joint Statement of Global University Leaders on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and two-month summer programs held in collaboration with four prestigious Chinese universities. Zhou also expressed his hopes for the possibility of further student exchanges in the future, and Matsuyama mentioned that this would promote and deepen the further collaboration between the two universities.



The meeting was conducted in a friendly atmosphere throughout, and afterwards, the visiting delegation discussed student exchanges with the Graduate School of Law and the Graduate School of Economics.
It is hoped that this visit will drive the cooperation for further academic exchange between the two universities.

(Global Engagement Division)