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International agricultural research platform for sustainable food production

Achieving sustainable food production is a challenge shared by all humanity. How to overcome the many risks facing agricultural production, such as climate change and pests and diseases, is a major topic of agricultural research. This project focuses on four research topics.

  • Hybrid Intensification: Identifying the molecular mechanisms of hybrid intensification, an important trait for yield enhancement.
  • Cultivation: Identifying genetic variation between wild and cultivated varieties to help clarify the process of cultivation.
  • Disease resistance: Breeding for resistance to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Prebreeding of genetic resources: Conducting wheat breeding by introducing useful genes from wild species.

Through this project, the research members will create synergy among these four research themes to build an international agricultural research platform and contribute to the realization of sustainable global food production.

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Project period

2022.04.01 ~ 2025.03.31


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