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Admission Policy of Kobe University

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


As a university located in the cosmopolitan city of Kobe that is open to the world at large, Kobe University aspires to become an international center of leading-edge research and education.

The University is seeking students with the following qualifications, who will not only carry on the heritage of knowledge that mankind has built but also create new knowledge by devoting uninterrupted effort into the drive and contribute to the development of human society.

  1. Student who is filled with the spirit of enterprise and initiative and love for mankind and nature
  2. Student who has great enthusiasm for learning and will aggressively take on new issues
  3. Student who has the drive to expand one's own horizons and takes a proactive stance when thinking
  4. Student who can upgrade one's own communication skills and have respect for different cultures and ways of thinking


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